We have divided a major public health issue into several smaller problems that are the greatest priority of governments and are amenable to innovative and actionable solutions.

Assessing Public Awareness

What are the most effective ways to capture the public's understanding of mosquito born diseases? How to use these findings to inform the design of campaigns to improve public awareness?

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This conference took place on
Aug 31

Communication and Behavior Change

What are the most effective ways for getting the public to change behavior to prevent mosquito breeding and mosquito bites and get proper access to healthcare?

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This conference took place on
Sep 07


What innovative approaches are available for using data to predict factors influencing outbreaks, such as mosquito infestations, patterns of human habitation and movement, climate & environmental factors, and rates and other forms of transmission?

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This conference took place on
Oct 26

Trash and Standing Water

What can be done to eliminate uncollected waste andstanding water where Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes breed?

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This conference took place on
Sep 21

Information Collection/Data Governance

How do we develop policies and practices for better epidemiological data collection and for sharing data with the appropriate authorities?

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This conference took place on
Sep 28

Long Term Care

How do we provide support for families with members at risk or already suffering with chronic effects of Zika, like Microcephaly?

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This conference took place on
Oct 19

Topics under Consideration

Relevant Learning

What can be done to accelerate relevant learning among affected public policymakers, especially those outside of a ministry of health (e.g. environment, sanitation, urban planning, etc), and at various levels of government so they can develop a geographically specific and culturally contextualized understanding of a public health issue quickly enough to determine what related policies and services they must create?

Governance and Coordination

What are the best strategies for ensuring collaboration and avoiding duplication of effort between the many agencies involved in responding to a complex public health crisis? Who should be in charge?

Economics of Testing and Vaccination

How do we identify and develop efficient and effective policies to avoid under- and over-inclusive testing and vaccination?

Data Collaboratives

Where there is an absence of government data or the capacity to gather data, what alternatives exist from private and other sources for filling that gap?


What are the best ways to identify mosquito breeding locations?

Bite Prevention

What are the creative, environmentally-friendly yet effective approaches to prevent mosquito bites at particular times (e.g. dusk) and on particular areas of the body (e.g. ankles)?

Scale Up of Access to Comprehensive Healthcare

How do we quickly scale up the infrastructure to manage acute and chronic care for Zika and other MBDs for patients and families and overcome current inefficiencies of health systems ?