Communication and Behavior Change

What are the most effective ways for getting the public to change behavior to prevent mosquito breeding and mosquito bites and get proper access to healthcare?

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There are new opportunities, including innovative approaches and new communications media, to improve how governments communicate with the public so as to create greater incentives for that behavior change needed to mitigate the risk of Zika and mosquito borne illnesses. The goal of this session is to identify innovative approaches to communication that overcomes built-in inertia, preconceived beliefs and misinformation and induces sustained behavior change.


The problems have been fleshed out into a briefing designed to describe the root causes of the problem, current approaches in different countries, and lessons learned from other domains.

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Launch prize-backed challenges for community engagement

Create prize-backed challenges to promote engagement and innovation in Zika control at both the community and individual levels

Resources: Moderate Investment ($100k-$500k)
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Resource Offset: The cost of a prize varies. Save money by using micro-prizes such as donated mobile phone minutes


Jaykumar Menon, McGill University, Patricio Fuentes and Reko Niimi, UNICEF Brazil Country Office

Create research clearinghouse for behavior change

Compile peer-reviewed best practices in Zika / MBD public communications and present them in a way that is accessible for policymakers seeking actionable ideas

Resources: Moderate Investment ($100k-$500k)
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Resource Offset: This can be low to not cost. Save money by convening a wide array of stakeholders in universities and other institutions to crowdsource this project


Karen Lyons, Pew Trusts

Design Serious Games

Explore the use of “serious games” to raise awareness and change behavior by organizing hackathons and/or partnering with game designers to deploy effective platforms

Resources: Low investment ($10k or less)

Resource Offset: Games can be expensive to design and build. The memo recommends strategies for adapting existing games and/or seeking philanthropic support for production


Jude Ower, CEO, Playmob, Julián Ugarte, Luis E. Loria, Marina Spindler, and Matías Rojas, Socialab, Sarah Cornish and Emily Treat, Games for Change