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Smarter Crowdsourcing for Zika

Thanks for your interest in Smarter Crowdsourcing - Zika. The call for expertise has finalized. We will publish all project results on this website and are blogging about the process and outcomes on the Smarter Crowdsourcing Publication on Medium.

Between August-October 2016, the Governance Lab and the Inter-American Development Bank in partnership with the Governments of the City of Rio de Janeiro, Argentina, Colombia and Panama, hosted a series of weekly, 2-hour online conferences to discuss innovative and practical ways to tackle the root causes of Zika and mosquito-borne diseases.

These small-group conversations were intended to foster brainstorming of actionable new strategies in conversation with those government officials responsible for managing the outbreaks. For more about the topics of these conversation, visit our Topics page.

Participants lent their skills to tackling a public health emergency, spoke directly to those interested in implementing new approaches, and deliberated with diverse innovators and professionals to refine good ideas into actionable projects.

Information collection statement

Thank you for signing up to participate in Smarter Crowdsourcing: Zika. We collect personally identifiable information from you for the purpose of communicating with you about your involvement in the upcoming online conferences. In the spirit of openness, we will publish the names, affiliations, and locations of all participants. We will not share contact information. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].